Turkish Beer

Tuborg Gold

Tuborg Gold 100% Malt: Turkish Pale Lager 5% (Turk Tuborg)

Unsurprisingly malty. Quite deep roasted malt, some sweetness, light bitterness. Minimal hops and some very faint citrus. 6/10


Efes Pilsen

Efes Pilsen: Turkish Pale Lager 5% (Anadolu Efes)

Subtly sweet (some corn) and quite crisp. Slightly malty, and not much hops. It’s crisp and refreshing, with good carbonation. Slightly above average lager. 6.5/10


Efes Malt

Efes Malt: Turkish Lager 5% (Anadolu Efes)

Apart from malt, there is lots of corn and some grass. It has a very bitter finish and a strange aftertaste. 4/10




Bomonti 100% Malt: Turkish Lager 4.8% (Anadolu Efes)

Sharp and crisp. Good sweet maltiness, with some honey and citrus. Grassy hops and some good fizz. 7/10

Bomonti Amber

Bomonti Amber: Turkish Amber Ale 5.2% (Anadolu Efes)

Lots of toasty malt and some caramel. Quite dry and hoppy, with some herbal notes and mild fruitiness. Low carbonation and a bit thin. 6/10

Bomonti Filtresiz

Bomonti Filtresiz: Turkish Pale Lager 4.8% (Anadolu Efes)

Dry, with very little sweetness. Some corn and light malt. Light and crisp in general, but lacks a bit of ooomph. 6/10