For some reason bike tourers/bike packers have an obsession with equipment lists, even though we all really just carry variations of the same thing. But for any nerds who want to know, these are the edited highlights of what we’re taking so far:

Tent: Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT (plus footprint.) We’ve had this for many years, and it’s done a previous long tour with us. We chose this one because of the very low weight and pack size plus large storage space. We’re both tall, so the downside is that we can’t really sit up properly in it. That’s only a problem in extended periods of rain when we’re forced to stay in it for a long time.  

Stove: MSR Dragonfly. Another old piece of kit. It’s really light and compact, but also very sturdy, and it’s multi fuel.

Sleeping bags: Mountain Equipment Firefly and Marmot Phase 30.

Sleeping mats: A pair of old Thermarest pro lite 3 (self inflating.)

Pots and pans: MSR Titan cookset, plus a mini frying pan for greed.

Pillows: Nemo Fillo

Bag liners: Lifeventure silk travel sleepers

Chairs: Helinox Chair One. We agonised a bit over these. They’re expensive, and though they’re lightweight for a camping chair, they’re still quite heavy. Last time out we just used the Thermarest kit to convert our sleeping mats into chairs, but these are more comfortable and since we’ll be spending a lot of time camping we think they are worth it.