Thai Beer

Chiang: Thai Lager, 5% (Cosmos Brewery)

Very light, slightly sweet and herbal. It’s very clean, though there’s not much to it. 5/10

Singha: Thai Lager, 5% (Boon Rawd Brewery)

Very pale, high carbonation, slight citrus. Mildly sweet; no bitterness at all. Bland. 5/10

Leo: Thai Lager, 5% (Boon Rawd Brewery)

This one is slightly nuttier and a bit grassier than the others, with a bitter bite on the end. Still very bland. 5/10

Leo Number 8 – Strong Brew: Thai Lager, 5.1% (Boon Rawd Brewery)

Standard Leo beer is 5% abv, but Leo strong is a whopping 0.1% higher, so watch yourself with this beast. In all fairness, it does taste more full bodied than its baby brother, with the nuttiness in particular being amplified. It was my favourite of the Thai beers, if only because it was marginally less bland than the others. 5.5/10