Serbian Beer

Jelen Pivo

Jelen Pivo: Serbian Pale Lager 4.6% (Apatinska Pivara)

Mild hops, some caramel and corn. A bit of digestive biscuits and a slightly bitter finish. It’s oddly rich for a lager, so it’s not on the refreshing side, but it’s deeper and more interesting than most. 8/10


Zaječarsko: Serbian Pale Lager 4.5% (Pivara Zajecar)

It’s basic and quite bland. Quite a lot of grain and a hint of hay. It’s got that not quite right taste that Heineken has – a bit like slightly off hops. 4/10


Lav Pivo

Lav Pivo: Serbian Pale Lager 5% (Carslberg Srbija)

It has a bit of an odd yeast taste, and is slightly metallic. It’s very dry and light bodied; not much hops. It’s got a bit of a lemon sweetness. 4.5/10