Johor Bahru (Malaysia) to Singapore

Prior to arrival

As at May 2023, an online health check form needed to be completed within 3 days (but no more) before arrival in Singapore. We were asked for our electronic confirmations on entry.

Crossing from Johor Bahru

Tldr: Keep left until after Singapore customs then don’t.

Long story: You need to navigate to the checkpoint at Sultan Iskander CIQ. As you near the checkpoint the road splits into car and bus lanes on the right which are separated from numerous motorbike lanes on the left. Keep in the leftmost of those. There will be lots of bays coming up on the left for electronic border exit. Keep an eye out and take an offshoot on the left for the manual lane. If you miss it don’t worry though, you can just wheel your bike over. We found staff pretty helpful in directing us where we needed to go. Show your passport at the booth, get your exit stamp and continue on the covered motorbike lanes which will lead to the bridge over the strait. The motorbike riders take no prisoners, but just keep to the far left and out of their way.

Approaching the Singapore checkpoint, keep on keeping left. There will be signs for bicycles to use booth 14. You can’t actually see the booth numbers as you approach, but it is the first lane on your left, just beyond the green wire fence. You’ll have a passport check and biometrics done and the barrier will open releasing you back into the bike lanes. You get no stamp for Singapore. All the booth exits merge into same the lane so keep an eye out for the bikes joining as they don’t hold back. There is a security checkpoint at the end of the lane. We got pulled over for a check of our panniers. It’s a bit chaotic at this point, but just keep left and stay out of everyone’s way. The next part is the most crucial. The road will split and the turnoff to the left is signposted BKE. DO NOT TAKE THIS ROAD. It is the expressway, you can’t go on it. Instead get into the next lane over and go straight ahead. This will take you down a slope. You will see the BKE flyover above you. At the first opportunity take a hard left, almost going back on yourself.  You are now in the Woodlands area of Singapore and can navigate on bike paths pretty much anywhere.