Czech Beer

Kozel Dark

Kozel Dark: Czech Dark Lager 3.8% (Pivovar Velké Popovice)

Lots of malty toffee and molasses. Quite sweet with a slight taste of cola and nutty bread. Quite flavourful for the abv. 8/10

Staropramen Lager

Staropramen Lager: Czech Pale Lager 5% (Pivovary Staropramen)

Crisp and clean. A bit vegetal and very malty. Highly carbonated, but quite thin bodied. Not much depth, but it’s a decent quality lager. 6.5/10


Pardubice Pilsner

Pardubice Pilsner: Czech Pilsner 5% (Pardubický Pivovar)

Very highly carbonated. Very grainy bready. Full of malt, not much hops. A touch of sweetness, but it’s dry and clean. 7/10