Belgium & The Netherlands Route

Our route through Belgium and The Netherlands


We originally intended to follow a route based around Trappist breweries, but there generally weren’t campsites nearby, so it would have been too expensive. It’s also worth noting that not all of the Trappist breweries allow visitors, and the ones that do often are only on specific days and times, so if you do plan a tour you need to do it around that. In the end, we just decided to follow a route that went near some of the breweries, avoiding towns if we could, and rely on trying the beers at inns and bars in the area. There are so many different beers in Belgium that this worked out well and we were never short on new stuff to try.

As alluded to above, campsites in Belgium are not that abundant, at least compared to France. Pitches are usually very good, as are facilities, although we found that toilets often have either toilet roll or soap, but usually not both, so have both with you.

We visited several WW1 cemeteries on our route through Belgium, all located in the area around Ypres. There is also the option of riding the “Peace Route” in the Flanders region.

The Netherlands

We followed Eurovelo 19 (Meuse Route) from Liege in Belgium to Roermond in The Netherlands before we veered East across the Meinweg National Park and into Germany. We were only in the country for a couple of nights. The Eurovelo was not all that scenic, and there were large sections of building works and diversions. It was very flat and exposed, so at the mercy of prevailing winds.

One major thing to be aware of, is that outside of big cities and tourist areas only Maestro cards are accepted as payment. Visa and Mastercards do not generally work.

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