Austrian Beer

Edelweiss Hefetrub

Edelweiss Hefetrub: Austrian Wheat Beer (Hefeweizen) 5.3% (Brau Union Osterreich)

Tastes of peppery banana bread, also with lots of citrus and a bit of grass. Rich and creamy. Good carbonation and balance between sweet and tart. 8.5/10

Edelweiss Dunkel

Edelweiss Dunkel: Austrian Wheat Beer (Dunkelweizen) 5.3% (Brau Union Osterreich)

Very fresh tasting and also very creamy for a dunkel. Some peaches and burnt caramel. Buttered baked apples. It’s very full and hearty. 9/10

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Zwettler Dunkles

Zwettler Dunkles: Austrian Munich Dunkel 3.4% (Brauerei Zwettl Karl Schwarz)

Fruity and quite sweet, slightly nutty but very weak.

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Gösser: Austrian Lager 5.2% (Brauerei Göss)

The most common lager we saw in Austria. It’s slightly citrus and a bit floral. It’s clean and lightly malty. Slightly above average lager. 7/10

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Gösser Stiftsbrau

Gösser Stiftsbrau: Austrian Munich Dunkel 4.5% (Brauerei Göss)

It’s quite grassy, plus some roasted chocolate and a bit of caramel. Tastes of bourbon biscuits with hops. Nice, but a bit thin. 7/10